Create your

environment with style...

Welcome to Lami Group

Create your environment with style. We make you feel the power of change in your environment! Seek for sustainability, quality, durability and beauty for your home!

Our company is an association of companies, which itself collects products from marble, granite, limestone and sandstone materials, but it has recently expanded its activity in the furniture industry as well.

High quality furniture with incomparable design and comfort is offered only by Lami Group. Imported furniture from Italy and from well-known manufacturers, such as Francoferri, Maxdivani, Natuzzi. The quality, professionalism and long tradition of our collaborators are the reasons that convinced us to be their distributors in Macedonia. We have brought you the Italian style and quality, created from the hands of the most famous artisans of the country, only for one reason: at the same time to offer you style and quality!


We are proud of our company because it is a family business established in 1993 and it continues until today. The company’s headquarter, which is located in Macedonia, deals with processing and manufacturing of marble and granite. So, our clients have wide a range of choices for their homes, buildings and various objects, therefore we commit to offer you the best, to satisfy the taste of the customer and always to be a reference point.

Our business spread from Macedonia to Albania and Kosovo, to markets that deal with material processing, where we bring them back to Macedonia as final products for our consumers. A great team of employees takes care for the production line and marble processing, in order to provide you with the final products with different shapes and with the best quality.

We take care that our associates are always looking for continuous cooperation and that all customers are satisfied with our products, namely marble, granite and furniture. The products we produce and process are sustainable, qualitative, beautiful and durable. We “fight” in order to translate our work with confidence and service to customers so we can have a long-term cooperation.

Our Mission

To be the ones who are the reason of comfort at your home. To give style to the environment you live in and at the same time to fulfill your requirements introducing each of you with unique styles.

Our Vision

To become the identity of each house. Our brand to be the seal that identifies the style of your house, starting from the stone products to the furniture. We are and will always remain the leading company in the country which at the same time offers you: excellence, quality and style!


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We bring you

  • For all products and services. First-hand material supply and professional processing increase the degree of quality, something that distinguishes us in the market.

  • We offer products with significant design. We represent them with the most unique designs that are not imitated by others.

  • A point at which the client focuses and does not get disappointed. The products’ quality is durable and enduring, as we are at work.

  • Collaborations represent a clear factor that shows our credibility. We have created it step by step and continue to increase it even more.

  • The largest companies in the country as well as Italian companies are our collaborators. Not by chance we are the link that connects the market of the same products.

  • Nothing is worth it if the necessary experience is not achieved. Our history, professionalism and success are the best indicators of the experience in services and products that we offer.

  • Able to understand what you are looking for, accurate to bring it to you and correct for the service until the final phase.


Francoferri – fifty years of work experience, tradition and love for the work. Inherited profession to three generations, without changing anything, except for increasing professionalism. We are always close to our clients to meet their requirements, and this is the reason why their rooms are always decorated with our furniture.

MaxDivani – work based on 60 years of experience. We have proved ourselves on the quality of furniture and their style. Always committed to bring the best and the latest styles. We are the ones who create styles for all of you.

Natuzzi – the most recognized name in the furniture industry in Italy. When it comes to furniture design for your room, we are always the first choice. Clients have created confidence in us; therefore we have achieved to become the furniture center with unique style.